HP IDS Engage One 14 Touch AiO with W4YG’S Software

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HP IDS Engage One 14 Touch AiO
HP IDS Engage One 14 Touch AiO 143 RPOS/i3/Win10/12GB RAM/SSD 128GB + Epson Thermal Printer + Hp CashBox + Honeywell barcode scanner 2d + W4YG’S ANY POS SOFTWARE

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We offer software installation through online remotely. (If customer wants on-site technical team visit, the basic visit charges will apply) - Please contact us for more info.*Seller Note: New Category:


Hardware Details:

System: HP IDS Engage One 14 Touch AiO 143 RPOS, i3, Elite 14 LCD FHD SVA, Win10, 12GB RAM, SSD 128GB, single side MSR, Engage Retail Basic, 3/3/3 AiO/POS Model 141 Warranty, HP HP Engage One AiO C5 CKIT
Cash Box: Hp cash Box
Thermal Printer: Epson thermal receipt printer USB/Serial tm t20iii
Barcode Scanner: Honeywell barcode scanner 2d

POS Software Details:

W4YG’S POS Software for Retail, Restaurants, SALON/SPA, Night Club, Flower Shops, Mobile Shops, Roastery Shop, Garments, Pharmacy, and Grocery. For more software info

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